Saturday May 25th, 2024
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What's in a Name?

Inspired by truckload of customised Coca-Cola cans we were sent, we have a look at some of the most popular Egyptian names you might not know the meanings of.

Staff Writer

What's in a Name?

With everyone now willingly telling their names to shopkeepers, delivery men, waiters and delivery truck drivers in hopes of securing a precious can of Coca-Cola to literally call their own, we take a look at some of the most common Egyptian names you might not know the meaning of...

Name Meaning Name Meaning
Abbas Lion-like Abeer Fragrance
Adnan Settled Afif Chaste
Aida Gift Arwa Mountain Goat 
Asem Defender, Chaste Bakr Young Camel 
Batool Virgin  Dalia  Grapevine or Olive Branch
Dima Torrential Rain Fatin Tempting 
Knowing Right From Wrong  Fadi  Saviour 
Faisal  Stubborn  Gabr  To Console 
Hadeel  Cooing of Pigeons  Haifa  Slender, Delicate 
Hani  To Move Lightly  Hala  The Moon's Glow 
Hoda  Thankfulness  Haitham  Young Eagle 
Inas  Partner  Idres  Ardent, Impulsive 
Khalil  Honourable Conrade  Lamia  Shining, Radiant 
Lina  Palm Tree  Lobna  Shrub 
Moneeb  Remorseful  Maha  A Type of Antelope 
Nadim  Drinking Companion  Maissa  Slender 
Manal  Achievement  Maram  Aspiration 
Mazen  Rain Clouds  Nasser  Helper 
Nawal  Favour  Noha  Wisdom 
Osama  Lion  Rami  Loving 
Rana  Eye-Catching  Randa  A Scented Tree 
Rasha  Gazelle  Rashad  Good Guidance 
Raouf  Compassionate  Reem  White Antelope 
Riad  Meadows  Sami  Supreme 
Sana  Splendor  Shady  Singer 
Shahinaz  Pride of the King  Shahd  Honey 
Shaimaa  Lamp or Candle  Soraya  Stars in the Taurus Constellation 
Tamer  Palm Tree  Tamim  Impeccable 
Tarek  He Who Knocks  Taymour  Iron 
Yasser  To Be Rich  Zeinab  Comforting