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Will Messi Visit Egypt After Signing as the New Face of Egypt's Tour N' Cure Initiative?

Various sources are claiming that Lionel Messi will be joining Dani Alves as the face of Egypt's Tour n' Cure initiatives which aims to attract Hepatitis C patients from all around the world to seek treatment while touring Oum el Donia.

An incredibly unique Egyptian medical tourism initiative called Tour n’ Cure has officially announced that legendary footballer Lionel Messi will join Dani Alves as the face of the initiative that hopes to bring Hepatitis C patients from all over the world to seek treatment in Egypt.

According to, Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy allegedly announced that Lionel Messi will be in Egypt to promote the Tour n’ Cure initiative but didn’t specify a timeline. On the Tour n’ Cure website a picture of Dani Alves graces its banner, but there’s currently no mention of Lionel Messi although reports that Messi has signed to be the new face of the initiative.

Tour n’ Cure realizes that there are many patients around the world suffering from Hepatitis C and have created an affordable and effective treatment package that will allow patients to receive treatment from state of the art hospitals, provide a 5 star relaxing stay in a luxury hotel, and give patients an opportunity to visit Egypt’s historic landmarks. The one-week program begins with an introduction to the team of hepatology doctors and all the necessary medical checkups and lab tests required to start treatment.

The collaboration between the Egyptian Air Force Hospital, Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital, and the Pharco Corporation have managed to garner global recognition when it comes to fighting Hepatitis C. In 2015, WHO celebrated World Hepatitis C day in Cairo and building on this momentum the president has set an ambitious goal of curing 1 million patients by the end of 2016. In the past year over 300,000 patients have been cured and with the signing of notable superstars Dani Alves and Lionel Messi Tour n’ Cure is well equipped to attract patients looking for a relaxing touristic approach to treatment.

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