Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Win A Free Pair of Glasses From C&Co. With #ShootYourShades

Follow our 11-step guide to winning an extra pair of free glasses from C&Co. with their #ShootYourShades competition.

Staff Writer

Maybe you’ve forgotten to buy your significant other a present for V-Day and now the day has passed but you still need to make up for it - but you also don’t want to overspend. Maybe you’re a bit self-obsessed (we don’t blame ya, you’re awesome!) and want to just spoil yourself to fill that post-Valentine’s day void. Now, if you buy a new pair of glasses from C&Co., you get another pair that’s up to the same price, on the spot, for FREE!

We all love free stuff – that’s a given – and if you don’t, you’re lying. However, just like everything else in life, nothing comes easy. There are just a few teeny tiny steps you have to check off first in order to get your free second pair:

1. Find your nearest C&Co. shop. How can you do that, you may ask? Simple: The World Wide Web.

2. Get to the shop. Either drive, take a cab, or – even better – use a friend for a free ride (more free stuff!).

3. Walk in. How, you ask? Use your legs. Sorry.

4. Try every single pair of glasses or sunglasses in the shop (we’re all guilty of this) until you start pissing off the guy at the shop.

5. Annoyingly ask the friend you used for the ride which one is nicer, as you swap between the glasses endlessly. Or, if you didn’t bring a friend, you can ask the guy working at the shop (who will probably just tell you anything so you don’t mess up the shop all over again) until you filter your choices down to your favourite two.

6. Make sure both pairs are at roughly the same price so you get the most of this offer, because the pair that you get for free has to be the same price as the one you’re paying for or less.

7. Snap a selfie of yourself – or ask your friend that you used for a ride to take a picture of you – wearing the pair you’re buying.

8. Make sure your Instagram profile is public and post the picture.

9. Mention and tag @candcooptics and hashtag #ShootYourShades.

10. Get your free pair of glasses!

11. Do an awkward happy dance and embarrass yourself.

Learn more about the offer on C&Co.'s Facebook and Instagram.