Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Witchcraft Vol. 2 Details Revealed!

After last year's insane party, the Witchcraft crew are back for another round of wild times this Halloween, and we've got all the details...

Staff Writer

You’ve probably heard all the rumours about this epic Halloween party just like we did and waited with anticipation to hear all the juicy details. Well, after weeks of teasing everyone about it, the crew behind Witchcraft Volume 2 have given us the inside scoop on the upcoming night of dancing chaos. Thursday 29th October will find the Omar Khayyam Boat in Zamalek filled with a crazy, costume-clad crowd who can spot a good party a mile away. 

The night will be kicked off with some urban tunes courtesy of DJ Medoz, and then the dynamic duo that are Aguizi and Fahim will be taking over the decks with their signature Deep House sound. You know what that means don't you? It's going to be a night of strictly dancing, with the speakers blasting out beats spun by those who know how to allure a crowd into an ecstatic dance state.

Last year's Witchcraft party, flawlessly organised by Youssef Rizk and Ramy Ragui, saw tickets sell out a week before the event. This year, with Rizk at the helm again, their lounges are already selling out at the speed of lighting, and with Halloween fast approaching, we suggest you nab them while you still can.

Tickets for the bar are 350 LE and include access to the open bar, run by none other than Amici On Wheels. If you want to sit comfortably at a lounge with your own bottle of imported vodka, the ticket will be 450 LE - of course if your bottle runs out, you know where to go: the Amici On Wheels open bar! Yes we’re quite excited about that bit. It's midweek so obviously we're drooling for a drink. It's five o'clock somewhere right...?

Basically, all you need to worry about is planting your tush next to that bar - everything else is totally taken care of. Worried about walking around with a costume? There's valet parking, and it's in Zamalek anyway, so you will not be out of place even if you do decide to walk. Also it's Halloween - get in the spirit, jeez! Worried about standing in line for an hour to gain entrance? They’ve got that covered too with each ticket having its unique identification number which gets you in as soon as you arrive. This flawless entrance system is organised by WACC++.

Doors will open at 9 so that's when you can head in and start warming up for the party that will rage until 3 in the morning.

We love costumes, we love Halloween, we love parties and we love Amici. We worship Aguizi and Fahim; Medoz is a kickass urban DJ. And all of these elements are coming together for a night that is bound to be so record breaking that New Year's parties will just have to raise the bar.

For reservations 01275275279 and 01017771221.