Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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World’s Longest Dining Table This Ramadan in Alexandria

Alexandria succeeds in launching an event that embodies all that is Ramadan, by setting up longest line of Iftar tables and preparing to break a world record.

Staff Writer

With all the entertainment and Ramadan outings, it is easy to forget that the Holy Month is also about charity. Right before Iftar we see the Ma2edet El Rahman set ups, spread across Egypt, offering free Iftar for those in need. The tables gather people from all walks of life to share a meal together..

Radioactive Team wishes to celebrate this tradition of Ramadan by holding the longest line of Rahman tables on the 26th of June along Alexandria's corniche, starting at San Stefano and ending at Stanley bridge. The governorate and the Ministry of Youth and Sport will be aiding in the mammoth event that is expected to achieve a new Guinness World Records, with the tables extending for three kilometres.

Young do-gooder Osama Barakat had felt that Alexandria's beautiful and historic coast was not getting the attention it deserved. He felt that the enchanting city needed international recognition and so, along with a group of friends, the mission began of breaking a World Record. “I want all the world to see our beautiful city and more importantly that it’s safe, safe enough for us to organise such a grand event,” he told us. Another aspect is for the world to see a beauty of Islam; “we feel that a wrong image of Islam has been spreading around and we wanted to change that, so having photographs of a large group of people breaking fast in this gorgeous setting is perfect.”

In doing so the group not only emphasises that Ramadan is here and promoting the culture of charity but also putting Alexandria on the international scene, with the location of the tables on a beautiful honeyspot in the ancient city. Italy had previously held the record for the longest table, measuring two kilomotres.

To register to attend, click here. Attendees may also wish to bring in their own food, whilst others who register will enjoy the collaboration of major restaurants such as Sea Gull, Abu Ashraf, Zafeer and many more.

Check out the event here!