Monday June 5th, 2023
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Alexandria University Installs Surveillance Cameras in Bathrooms

Whether it’s to curb recent theft or to keep an unsolicited eye on things, students didn’t take too kindly to the decision.

Staff Writer

Students at Alexandria University’s Faculty of Pharmacy were understandably taken aback earlier this week, after coming across freshly installed surveillance cameras placed both outside and inside the bathrooms. According to the faculty’s Dean, Dr. Khadiga Ismail, the sole purpose of the installed cameras is to curb the recent string of thefts that have been plaguing the university’s bathrooms.

According to Ismail, the most recent occurrence of theft was when somebody managed to steal a number of toiletries and plumbing components from all of the university’s bathrooms, prompting Ismail to have to purchase another set of equipment for about 2,500 EGP, only to get stolen once again. So in response, the cameras were installed in hopes of documenting any further happenings, and act as a deterrent of sorts. However, installing cameras inside a bathroom – one of the few places where privacy is guaranteed – isn’t exactly good practice and a gross invasion of privacy, regardless of what the case may be.

Ismail further added that the cameras weren’t even hooked up, essentially just acting as ‘scarecrows’ for any would-be criminal. In addition, were they to actually be operational, the only monitor connected to their feeds would be the one in Ismail’s office. Regardless, the Student Union’s complaints about the matter managed to sway the Dean into moving the cameras inside the bathrooms outside, putting an end to people’s frustration for now.

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