Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Ancient Egyptian Pottery Workshop Discovered in Aswan

2018 has seen many discoveries from the world of Ancient Egypt, this pottery workshop being the latest of them.

Staff Writer

An ancient Egyptian pottery workshop has been discovered near the Nile River in Aswan by a team of archaeologists, the Ministry of Antiquities said on Thursday. The workshop has been found to be 4,000 years old, dating back to the Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt.

The unearthed workshop contained ancient pots, as well as a pottery wheel similar to the ones we see in pottery workshops today; the turntable was made of limestone, and a hollow base. It dates back to the Fourth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom (2613—2494 B.C.) - which is around the same time the trend of building pyramids started in Ancient Egypt.

This is a “rare” discovery - according to the Supreme Council of Antiquities - and helps archaeologists and historians get a better glimpse into the lifestyles of Ancient Egyptians.

Many discoveries from the world of Ancient Egypt have been made this year, with the most recent being a mummification workshop situated in Saqqara.

Main image from Ancient Egypt Info.