Saturday June 15th, 2024
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7 Photos From Mo Salah’s Coconut-Infused Maldives Getaway

The Liverpool legend took to the otherworldly Maldivian sands for some much needed R&R.

Staff Writer

7 Photos From Mo Salah’s Coconut-Infused Maldives Getaway

If we were to calculate it (and we’d rather not), a generous chunk of our viewership comes from Mo Salah-related news and happenings these days. Not ones to let things slip (too far anyway), we caught wind of the Egyptian King’s family sojourn to the Maldives’ Hurawalhi resort, and our boy looked like he was having the time of his life.

Mo hadn't planned on bumping into Mr. Coconut. Regardless, they quickly took to each others' company.
Here we can see Mo along with Mr. Coconut, chilling on a Windows Vista background. It's their favourite locale.That time when Mr. Coconut relived a harrowing memory about getting impaled with a straw, but Mo isn't one to let a friend suffer alone.
Not everything goes smoothly though, and after a minor spat with Mr. Coconut, Mo needed some time alone out at sea.
Not one to let machinery do all the work, Mo ditched his jet-ski in favour of more traditional (and adorable) means of aquatic transportation.
"Behold my athletic triumph over these crystal clear waters. Bask in my achievement and you too shall be blessed."
We're not sure how it happened, but Mr. Coconut was no longer in the picture, and Mo decided to mourn his loss with a handstand.

We hope to see more of our most golden of legs’ R&R sessions, hopefully starring Mr. Coconut as a recurring character.