Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Enta Gold? AXE Got Us Asking Questions With Mysterious Reveal At Cairo Festival City

What lies behind this shadowy flash mob?

Staff Writer

Imagine just standing around the mall, minding your own business doing some (window) shopping, when you start to notice a group of people wearing all black creating a huge circle. What the hell is going on?!

Only a couple of minutes later, and shoppers are gathered en mass, on every floor of the mall, staring at the scene intently like Romans at the coliseum fixated on a big battle.  

Suddenly, the music starts, and the all-black cast get into position for a two minute dance routine that’s got the whole mall jammin’ along. The flash mob is on, ladies and gentlemen.

The anticipation grows further though. What is this about? All the confused bystanders are questioning each other, hoping someone has the answer to the circus surrounding them.A good 15 minutes into the whole thing, and now, everyone’s itching to find out.

“Enta gold?” asks a banner held by one of the all-black flashmob. And now they’re throwing stuff at us. Are these grenades? Wow, I caught one! And I didn’t blow up!

It’s a bottle. Looks like a deodorant. Axe Gold – oud wood and dark vanilla. However, this is NOT a deodorant, it’s a daily fragrance, and it’s guaranteed to keep you smelling like a Hollywood star. The scent is absolutely beautiful – the blend of the vanilla and oud gives it that good old traditional Arabic perfume smell, while the vanilla adds a sweetness to it that smoothens the overall scent.

Only Gold deserves a reveal as grandiose as this.

The question is – Enta gold, wala eh?

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