Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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This Egyptian Brand Adds a Splash of Colour to Home Accessories Using ‘Fluid Art’

Offering art that you can use, this brand takes local art to a whole new level.

Staff Writer

This Egyptian Brand Adds a Splash of Colour to Home Accessories Using ‘Fluid Art’

Paint pouring, flow art, liquid art – call it what you will, ‘fluid art’ is very much a thing and has even found its way to plates, trays, pots and other products that traditionally keep things simple, thanks to Bäzmärt & Dësign.

Having launched a few short months ago, the Egyptian brand was founded by artsy 29-year-old Basma El Laithy.

For her unique designs, Basma usually only has a colour palette in mind, but never a specific design –she mixes the colours together and lets them work their own magic.

“This is what fluid art is all about, mixing colours together and figuring out what they become along the way,” she told CairoScene. “But you have to have the skills required to control the materials or else you’ll simply end up with a mess.”

El Laithy graduated from Applied Arts and then entered the working world as an interior designer. She’d toyed with the idea of establishing a brand for the last year, but had some logistic issues because of the high quality of materials that she always tries to use.

“I wanted the product to be 100% Egyptian, so it took me some time until I was finally able to gather all the material that I need locally,” she explained.

Beyond her current collection of trays, plates and pots, El Laithy has plans to expand the range. But her journey thus far hasn’t been as easy as she’d hoped. “I try to make my brand affordable, but it’s hard when the fluid art material is so expensive”.  She also struggles with finding suitable platforms to showcase her work.

However, the greatest challenge for El Laithy was introducing what is a tricky kind of product design to the Egyptian market, which is why she has a long-term plan of developing her own workshops showing people how to use fluid arts.

Bäzmärt & Dësign products are currently sold online and will be available in three different places; ABn’G in Zamalek,  Artissimo in Sheikh Zayed, and Azraq w Buny in Dokki.

The prices for their plates range from 350 EGP to 550, depending on size. The trays average between EGP 400 and 500, while the pots range between EGP 120 and 250.

Check out their collection on Instagram.