Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Bonsai: The New Zamalek Restaurant That Ticks All of the Boxes and Then Some

Sushi? Check. All-day breakfast? Check. Basically everything you can think of? Double check.

Staff Writer

While more and more restaurants in Cairo look for the most niche of niche culinary concepts to separate them from the crowd, there's still something to be said for an eatery that can, not only offer variety, but offer it all at a high standard. This is what Zamalek's newest restaurant and cafe, Bonsai, is aiming to do and from what we've seen (and tasted) so far they might have just cracked it.

Founded by Hala Serag El Din and Hamed Tahan, the couple wanted to bring a little something for everyone. Initially opening in Alexandria nine months ago, Bonsai has an international menu that caters to all tastes.

“When you open somewhere like Zamalek, you’ve got a wide range of different tastes, Serag El Din told CairoScene at the opening. "You've got those wanting to get out of the office for a quick meal, you’ve got foreigners, you’ve got the residents or those going for a swim at Gezirah Club.So we wanted to have a place to cater to all tastes. We’ve got the healthy options, classic Egyptian dishes, a bunch of other cuisines and of course, a sushi menu.” 

Serag El Din, who’s a mother, ex-professional gymnast and all-round fitness guru, wanted to create something that would appeal to the whole family. Offering items everything from mini-burgers, to finger-licking flatbreads, to both continental and Oriental breakfasts, to sushi, the menu picks and chooses some of cuisines from across the world. While, many a restaurant have tried the whole little-bit-of-everything approach, only to fail, there's a lot of love that's got into Bonsai from Serag El Din and Tahan.

"The restaurant is like our baby, so we felt like the name Bonsai really reflected our concept; that it’s something you grow from scratch. And of course, because it's a Japanese tree and we wanted people to know that we serve sushi as well," she continues.

The interior has been conceived with is in mind, too. On first look, one would rightly say that it has a contemporary and slightly industrial look, with a little bit of avant garde flair. Once inside, it swallows you up in a homey comfort.

"We also thought about the name Bonsai because all of our colours are earthy and there's this zen vibe," Serag El Din explains of the welcoming interior design. 

Said homey feeling is also reflected in the fact that Bonsai invites you to eat, relax and hangout, offering shisha and all-day breakfast to boot, which begs one question: why does Zamalek get all the best stuff?

Check out Bonsai on Instagram.