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Cairo Women's Film Festival Gives Birth to Controversy

As Egypt gears up for the seventh edition of Cairo International Film Festival, a powerful promotional video has audiences divided...

From November 29th until December 4th, Cairo will once again showcase the incredible work of women in film for the seventh time, when the Cairo International Women's Film Festival makes its return. In those six days, 60 films coming from 40 countries will portray the remarkable influence female film makers have had on the métier, focusing in particular on Germany with films such as Scherbenpark and Makhoub's Journey. Special focus also extends on the attending Dutch filmmaker Eugenie Jansen and her contribution to film which will be receiving the Tribute to Cineaste. Jansen will be presenting her award-winning movies Sleeping Rough and Above Us as well as host the Master Class at the Goethe Institut on December 1st. Visitors can however expect many more films and surprises, all acknowledging outstanding female performances in film making from around the world.

In an unexpected marketing campaign, however, the organisers of the festival have been successful in attracting a lot of attention to the impending festival. A video, depicting a woman giving birth to what turns out not to be a baby has been shared, commented on and criticised. Some believe that using a woman in labour for advertising purposes is overstepping ethical borders whereas the campaign merely wanted to express that women produce much more than just offspring. Other than babies, women figuratively give birth to creativity, original thought and  art, all of which are celebrated at this year's festival. Before we lift the secret, have a look at the video yourself.

Allegations that the festival is limiting women's abilities to giving birth were dismissed by the management as much as those of overstepping boundaries. In a statement released yesterday, the Cairo International Women's Film Festival is hoping for an open dialogue in discussing the controversy that can discuss the meaning of the trailer and women's ability to contribute more to the world than carrying babies. other than giving birth to children.

Comment below what you think of the video. Funny or foul? Artistic or absurd? We are waiting for your comments.