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Dutch Woman Gives Birth in Egypt, Stuck Due to Missing Father

Egyptian bureaucracy doing what it does best.

dutch woman brett egypt

In a particularly perplexing turn of events, 18-year-old ‘Britt’, a trainee nurse, had unexpectedly given birth in a Hurghada resort some time ago. She was not aware that she was pregnant, eventually delivering the child in the hotel bathroom in a matter of minutes. She is now disallowed from returning with the child to Rotterdam, Netherlands, without the father’s presence or, at least, identification, according to DutchNews.NL.

In order to issue a birth certificate in Egypt, and in turn, issue a travel stamp, a father’s signature and credentials are mandatory, without exception whatsoever.

The Dutch embassy tried to alleviate the issue by offering baby Yassin an emergency passport, but it has been refused pending proof of a father. "We find this delay very annoying for her, but according to the Egyptian authorities, not all formalities have been met yet", a spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said to RTL. "We advised her to hire a lawyer and she did that."

As for the whereabouts of said father, Neither Brett nor her mother have a clue, seeing as “she met him at a party and has had no contact with him since,” Britt’s mother said. ‘She doesn’t know who he is, but perhaps he will come forward if he reads this.”

Main image from Navva