Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Archaeological Sites To Be Made More Disability-Friendly

The Ministry of Antiquities plans to make museums and archaeological sites more accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Staff Writer

In an effort to make the country’s historic and touristic sites more accessible to people with physical disabilities, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has launched an initiative to install fixtures and improvements throughout the museums and archaeological sites of the country, starting with the Luxor Museum as well as the Luxor and Karnak temples.

The improvements will include specialised pathways and ramps measuring 1.5 metres in width for individuals with wheelchairs, as well as improved information boards that are more easily accessible to those who are hearing or vision impaired, as well as sign language incorporated into documentary films at visitor centres. In addition, toilets will see renovations and will be equipped with special-needs fixtures in accordance with international standards. 

The project is a joint effort between the Ministry of Antiquities and an Egyptian NGO Helm, a foundation with a mission to promote the seamless integration of disabled individuals in all facets of day to day life. Supervisor of the ministry’s Financial Resources Development Department, Eman Zidan, emphasized the importance of NGOs in serving all members of the community.

Watch the video Helm made last year with Ahmed Malek and Menna Shalaby to raise fund for disability accessibility.