Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Egypt Bans Trade of Live Poultry in Cairo

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the slaughterhouse.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s Agriculture Ministry will be putting into effect a 2009 law that bans the trade of live poultry due to environmental pollution and diseases like bird flu, according to Ahram.

The law states that “live poultry should be transported directly to licensed slaughterhouses after traders acquire special authorisations following veterinary inspection, before the refrigerated frozen food products are offered at shops, according to the ministry.

The law was already passed in 2009 and 2010, but like many laws in Egypt wasn’t enforced in an effective way.

Now, as a first phase, the ministry wants to ban the trading of live poultry in Cairo, including Giza, which in total consume 30 percent of the country’s chicken.

Later, the ministry will expand the ban to Alexandria and the capitals of governorates, said Mona Mehrez, Deputy Agriculture Minister for Livestock and Poultry Production.

The ministry will later expand the ban to Egypt's second city of Alexandria and the capitals of governorates, Mehrez said in TV statement on Tuesday.

Hmm, this made me get in the mood for KFC.

Killing chickens in licensed slaughterhouses is crucial; in 2006, the H5N1 bird flu virus spread to poultry farmers in Egypt, resulting in the death of more than 120 people and the hospitalisation of 300 others.

Main image from Yahoo