Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Egypt Jumps 34 Places in Yale's Environmental Health Rankings

The Environmental Performance Index is a tool used to measure how close a country is to the world's environmental policy goals.

Staff Writer

Every two years, the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy issues the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) - which determines a country’s environmental conditions by assessing ten categories, such as environmental health and ecosystem vitality.

For this year's EPI, Egypt was ranked as 66th out of 180 countries. This is quite the impressive feat; given that in the last EPI issued in 2016, we ranked as 104th.

The judgment is based on two policy objectives: environmental health (i.e. sanitation, water and air quality) and ecosystem vitality (i.e. air pollution, agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity & habitat).

While the average Egyptian might scoff at such news, the Ministry of Environment is doing its best to reduce pollution by touting environmental campaigns, along with local start-ups attempting to reduce trash using the resources they have available.

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