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Egypt's Transportation Ministry is Launching a Railway Booking App

Egypt’s train system is gonna get a whole lot more modern and practical

The Transportation Ministry is soon launching a new electronic railway booking service, according to Al Bawaba.

The soon-to-be-available app will allow us to book train tickets and pay by credit or debit card, as well as inquire about schedules and available seats. New prepaid cards will also be launched, which can be recharged and used to pay for tickets from the windows of stations and self-ticketing machines located in some clubs and stations.

Chairman and CEO of Transport Information Technology, Khaled Attia explains that, "the smart card is an alternative payment method for money and is more secure, and the cash value of the card can be redeemed at any time."

Cairo Metro, on the other hand, already has app, but it really needs to be revamped; it only allows you to see the different metro lines, and doesn’t include anything related to payment.

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