Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Egyptians Dominate at 2018 World Junior Squash Championships

Why are we so good at squash?

Staff Writer

The future of squash in the country is looking bright, with Egyptian players winning both the men's and women's titles at this year's WSF World Junior Squash Championships in Chennai, India.

Rowan El Araby claimed the women's title with a win over fellow Egyptian, Hani El Hammammy - the third time in as many years that the two have faced each other at the tournament. Meanwhile, the men's final was an all-Egyptian affair, too, with Mostafa Asal pipping 2017 champion, Marwan Tarek, to the post.

“I’m overjoyed to become World Champion,” Asal told WSF World Juniors. “It’s great that we had two all-Egyptian finals.”

The all-Egyptian finals continue the country's phenomenal performance in the tournament; 12 of the last 13 women's tournaments have been won by Egyptians, while the men's tournament has been won by Egyptians 10 in the last 13.

Main image from WSF World Junior Squash Championships