Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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ESCĀ: The Heliopolis Dining Hotspot that's Shaking Up the Scene

In a contemporary dining landscape dominated by famed local restaurateurs, one stand out dining destination is making a name for itself as a Heliopolis hotspot that’s born simply of great taste.

Staff Writer

ESCĀ: The Heliopolis Dining Hotspot that's Shaking Up the Scene

While Cairo has its fair share of eateries, fine dining restaurants offering a truly unique culinary experience (yes, there is such a thing) are a rare find. ESCĀ, however, is looking to buck the trend; defining itself as a ‘renaissance of contemporary dining’.

Located in the heart of Heliopolis, ESCĀ's authentic Mediterranean decor was designed by Alchemy Design Studio, with the alchemist himself - and master-mind behind some of Cairo's most popular spots - Karim Mekhtigian crafting the rustic interior.

Now onto our favorite part of any outing... the food! ESCĀ’s menu offers a truly exceptional dining experience with creative twists which have been tailored by the Celebrity Chef Wessam Massoud as executive Chef alongside the winner of Top Chef Middle East Mostafa Seif as the Head Chef.With this talented team behind the scenes, diners at this contemporary fusion restaurant will not be disappointed with the range of dishes, all offering fresh ingredients merged together in a blend of sweet, salty and sour. Many of said ingredients are flown in from their countries of origin for an extra touch of authenticity - the salmon and tuna are flown in specially from Norway – while local ingredients are source from the likes of Makar Farms.

But what of the menu we hear you say? Well, ESCĀ’s menu takes you on a trip around the world, with some of the dishes including Chinese Beef Bao Buns, Italian Black Risotto and, for meat lovers, certified American Angus Beef. And because presentation is as important as taste, they style their dishes with gorgeously colorful edible-flowers.ESCĀ also boasts an impressive 500-bottle wine cellar, while their cocktails retain just as much of authenticity as their dishes. Exhibit A: they serve the Moscow Mule in a traditional copper cup. This attention to detail spreads to every nook and cranny of the restaurant, including the restaurant’s cutlery sets, which have all been conceived with different meanings and stories by the owner and hand-made in Thailand.Open from 7 pm to 1 am during the week, and 4 pm to 2 am on the weekends, the music at ESCĀ doesn't limit itself to one genre, but rolls through different genres and eras, while Tuesdays feature live jazz – a perfect side for an elegant dinner.

Having opened its doors in December, ESCĀ has already managed to be the talk of the town and a hotspot not only with Heliopolis residents, but for Cairenes in general looking for a quintessentially high-end dining experience. Don’t believe us? Here’s a little preview from their grand opening.For more information, check out ESCĀ on Facebook and Instagram.