Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Egyptian Park Paints Donkeys to Look Like Zebras

The veil between reality and the absurd is particularly thin at Nasr City's International Garden.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Park Paints Donkeys to Look Like Zebras

In a spot of asinine news this fine Thursday morning; a ramshackle “animal sanctuary” that recently popped up in Nasr City’s International Garden (Al-Hadeeka Al-Dawleyya) has been host to a particularly off-brand zebra. The animal was swiftly recognised as a “strategically painted ass” as The Sun so brilliantly put it.

A strategically-painted ass

It all started when a certain Mahmoud A. Sarhani decided to take a scenic stroll through the garden to visit the zoo on the 21st of July. It was then that he lay eyes on a zebra with unusually long ears and no distinctive mane lining the back of the animal. Also known as your garden variety Egyptian donkey. The young student then took to Facebook to show the world only one example of Egyptian creativity. Although actual veterinarians have said that it is, in point of fact, a donkey, it doesn't take a genius to see the smeared stripes and faded bits of paint on the animal.

A name-brand zebra

Naturally, folks at the zoo denied these slanderous claims of identity theft; with the Manager of Cairo’s Garden Projects Authority (if that’s a thing) denying these accusations. “The zebra is real. It’s neither local nor is it painted.” We’ll leave the decision up to you.