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10 of Egypt's Most Hilarious Kiki Challenge Videos

Kiki knows no limit.

If you actually need an introduction to familiarise yourself with what the Kiki Dance is, we'd like to welcome you back to the internet. The viral dance literally took the world by storm; warnings have been issued, and arrests have been made. What for? Literally dancing alongside a moving vehicle. In Egypt, as always, the Kiki Dance took a life of its own, and the Egyptianised versions of it weren't limited to Drake's In My Feelings - which is what brought about this whole fiasco. So without further ado, here are Egypt's funniest Kiki Challenge videos:


Toktok Kiki is EVERYTHING 

Don't speed and Kiki

Kiki FAIL 

Kiki takes Luxor

Kiki off to Attaba 

Kiki loves company

Upper Egypt gets Kiki 

Formet Kiki 

Chou helw Kiki 


BONUS: Celebrities Attempting to Kiki 

Don't be jealous of Dorra's Kiki

Diab beats Drake, obvs

3ala Kiki we nos