Friday 2 of December, 2022
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You Never Have to Stand in Line for a Metro Ticket Again

Fawry is partnering up with the Cairo Metro to get rid of those long lines at the ticket booths.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation posted on their Facebook page that they will be partnering with Fawry to smooth things out and help some of us avoid those long lines. This will be accomplished by allowing people to purchase their tickets at 35 Fawry Plus branches across Greater Cairo, according to Al Ahram. The company chairman, Ali Fadaly, stated that by working with Fawry they will be "reducing congestion and crowding, and making it easier for metro users to get tickets."

Since the Metro prices have surged and prices differ depending on how far you are going, not only have people been spending almost double the amount of money on tickets, they have also been spending a lot more time waiting in line for tickets. When you walk up to the teller to purchase your ticket you now have to tell them how far are you going and some people aren't used to this new system so it has caused a little bit of congestion. Hopefully with Fawry it'll be a lot easier on everyone, and that's less line time for Egyptians.

Main Image by MO4 Network.