Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Tala3 El 7elw W Bas: The New Feel-Good Song Taking Egypt by Storm

We dare you NOT to sing along.

Staff Writer

Is it just us, or does anyone else get some kind of warm, fuzzy thrill seeing celebrities hanging out together and just being a little silly? No? So, just us then, eh? Whatever the case, we were warm and fuzzy all over when a video emerged of sirens of the silver screen, Dora, Nelly Karim and Yosra, emerged singing at the top of their lungs, the lyric Tala3 El 7elw W Bas.

Gripped by curiosity, investigations revealed that what they were so jollily singing to is the product of another surprising coming together of celebrities – Cairokee front-man, Amir Eid, and pop favourite, Mahmoud El Esseily. Now a viral hit, there’s another twist to the feel-good Tala3 El 7elw W Bas – it’s produced by the hottest beat-maker in the game right now…wait for it…Beyti Tropicana. Yes, the same Beyti Tropicana of juice fame.

Featuring Eid’s wifey and El Esseily’s son, the video is just a feel-good as the song itself, which pulls one or two heartstrings with its invariably positive outlook, reminding us all to see the bright side in every situation and appreciate the small moments that make up our everyday lives. It’s something that builds on Beyti’s own approach – and what’s more feel-good than juice, right? Check it out – we dare you not to sing along.

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