Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Get Your Pets All Prettied Up at Go Puppy’s New Grooming Van

Why go all the way to the vet, when the vet can come all the way to you?

Staff Writer

Rarely do we come across local independent businesses that make us go awww, and cause our hearts to melt. We came across Go Puppy, a veterinary business located in Heliopolis with a fine and experienced staff in the grooming service, as well as a novel way to spruce up your kitters and doggos. Go Puppy has recently launched a new and hassle-free system for your pets to receive a serious spoiling session.

Grooms-To-Go is a delivery grooming service, the first of its kind in Egypt. The purpose is to give busy pet owners the tranquil option of having their pets groomed in a clean, safe, and mobile space, ready to meet you at your doorstep. The service takes place in Go Puppy’s brightly-coloured van, which holds home to an entire bathtub, big enough to accommodate your floofy friends no matter how big they may be.

The grooming service offers a range of treatments, such as nail-clipping, shaving, hair trimming and styling; showering, teeth brushing; and general grooming. The special equipment used is imported from overseas to ensure the quality of pampering that your furbaby deserves.

“You don’t have to worry about creating a mess in your home, trying to get your cat cleaned, or the trip from your home to a vet to get your pets taken care of,” Yasser El Shafey, founder of Go Puppy, told Cairo Scene. With such service, time spent in traffic and waiting for your turn at the vet can be scrapped to a short walk from your doorstep to the Go Puppy van parked outside your house.

Grooms-To-Go is a fresh idea in Cairo, but already exists in a number of other countries such as the UK, Kuwait, or the UAE, according to Shafey. Go Puppy took their services to Marassi in the North Coast this summer, where vacationers were able to give their puppers a styling sesh to get them beach-ready.

Go Puppy was initially founded in 2016 by CEO Yasser El Shafey and Operations Manager Khaled El Shafey; their shared passion for raising dogs led them to launching the company. They now offer their grooming and medical services in their main branch in Heliopolis, as well as a range of animal products like toys, food, accessories, and much more. Their mobile grooming and medical services extend to locations such as Sheraton, Nasr City, New Cairo, El Rehab, Madinaty, El Shorouk, and Obour City.

Prices of the grooming service vary depending on whether your pet is a cat, a Chihuahua, or a Dobermann. Unfortunately, the service does not extend to the areas of Mohandeseen, Dokki, or Downtown Cairo (at least, not yet).

You can check out their services on their Facebook page.

All images from Go Puppy.