Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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The King's Mother Wants to Add Some Serious Flair to Egyptian Women's Summer Wardrobe

The King's Mother released a new summer collection, different than your usual summer flare.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, the earth was polluted. Oh wait, that’s today. The earths’ been polluted for a while, and honestly, we’re getting sick of it. But in the midst of it all, go green initiatives have been popping up right and left, and alongside fashion brands like The King’s Mother, they've been trying to help us  recognise the impact that we as humans have had on the earth’s environment as it is today.

The King’s Mother is a local contemporary women’s blazer brand which aims to express their sentiments regarding the earth’s environment through their new SS18 Collection, Tectonic. They took it as their mission to acknowledge the struggle which the earth faces, by demonstrating each ripple, stroke and fold—which all hold representations metaphorical to earth.

Take, for instance, the unconventional blazers for women that they’ve created, deconstructing the form of a standard blazer by flaunting ruffle sleeves that represent the air’s flow. The King’s Mother used earthly tones for the summer collection—beiges, grays, and olive greens—rather than the usual vibrant summer colors (which, let’s be honest, are a bit sore on the eyes).

This collection is for the power-hungry women who aim to be in that zone between serious and lax, or fierce and lush.

The King’s Mother told us that Tectonic is deeply inspired by the earth and its environment; the collection forms as a “silent nod towards awareness” of the environment around us and the impact we’ve had on it.

The King’s Mother was established in 2016 by Farida Naguib, graduate of London College of Fashion. Naguib aims to create fashion fitting for the modern-day woman who lives a fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle. Naguib has captured that image so well with her girl boss inspired fashion, showing that women can be bosses too, and breaking the usual standards of men vs women’s fashion.  

Check out The King’s Mother’s Facebook page here, and the Instagram page here.