Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egyptian Ministry of Health & Population Now Provides Female Contraception at EGP 1.5

Yeah, condoms and pills might be expensive, but they sure as hell beat supporting a kid.

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Egyptian Ministry of Health & Population Now Provides Female Contraception at EGP 1.5

Did you know we were supposed to reach 100 million citizens in like 2020? Not 2018? Yeah, we’re sort of ahead of schedule in the worst possible way. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us, all 96 and a half million of us anyway, and that’s why the Ministry of Health and Population decided to staunch the flow by providing interested parties (and they damn well should be interested) with ultra-affordable female contraception at EGP 1.5 (less than a pack of Chiclets) for 6 units, only available at government-run Family Planning clinics.

The contraceptive – a vaginal suppository (or pessary) – is an Egyptian brand of topical spermicide (the chemical equivalent of Gandalf in that “you shall not pass” scene) that effectively kills sperm before it manages to do its horrific job. Its active ingredient is Nonoxynol-9, and is intended to be a short-acting countermeasure; meaning you take it right before knocking shabasheb. Considering that it usually costs EGP 12-15 anywhere else, and it’s only EGP 1.5 at a clinic? Yeah, pretty steal deal.

A bold and bountiful move from the ministry’s population and family planning committees, but before hopping to celebrations, one must ask; will this drug be readily available wherever it is needed? In every clinic? Will it only be given to married women? Can single or younger women get their hands on it? And how safe is it compared to pricier alternatives? Getting something on the cheap isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it’s about childbirth and unplanned parenthood? You do not want to cut corners.

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