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New Alexandrian ‘Athleisure’ Label Brings Ancient Egyptian Fashion to the 21st Century

Cleopatra would have rocked those Yoga pants!.

Ohanna Fashion Egypt

Once upon a time, women had to choose between fashion or comfort, high-end or casual. That was before things such as 'athleisure' were invented and, since there isn't anything holding women back from showing up to a work meeting in some gorgeous yoga pants, Egypt's brand new athleisure luxury brand, Ohanna, is giving us just that with some home-grown Pharanoic designs to boot and we're HERE for it.

Making their debut in the market with fall-winter collection, Rebirth of the Nile, Ohanna is paying tribute to our storied heritage with a versatile collection featuring everything from jogger sets to dresses. Hana Hazem, founder of Ohanna, sought the glorious fashion of queens Isis, Cleopatra and Nefertiti for inspiration for her first collection, transforming them into modern patterns and polished motifs fit for a modern-day royal.

All the pieces of the collection are made to fit a myriad of different occasions and can easily be mixed, matched and deconstructed to serve as a diverse set of outfits. Ohanna's designs are all about history and art, but most of all, they're for the modern, fashion-forward Egyptian woman whose hectic lifestyles beg for a touch of versatility and individuality.

The biggest port city on the Mediterranean, one which was founded by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago, was the set for Ohanna's first ever fashion shoot, featuring internationally-renowned model, Helene Selam, as she ditches the flash lights and the oh-so-glam for the hustle and realness of the city streets. And it was, as evident below, SICKENING.

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