Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Rotaract Alexandria Joins World Down Syndrome Day

The Alexandrian branch of the global community is putting on a big event to raise awareness and put smiles on the faces of families affected by Down Syndrome.

Staff Writer

On March 27th, the world is celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. Alexandria Rotaract Club is making it a special occasion as Egyptian have a lot to learn about the chromosomal disorder that is both life-altering and incurable. Rotaract Alexandria, however, will make March 27th all about the children with the extra chromosome.

Recently, an 11-year-old Scottish boy was voted to have scored the best goal of the month in the Scottish Premier League. What sounds like a joke is the story of young Jay Beattie, a Celtic fan with Down Syndrome. Having been affected by the 21st chromosome, young Jay’s achievement is heartwarming to watch:

Rotaract Alexandria is trying to recreate such adventures for children and parents who have struggled with the disease. One part of the event will focus on children with Trisomy 21 and their special need in games, activities and adventures. Team sports will be tailored to their disabilities and enable them to have a fantastic day. The other part will target their parents and families, bringing them together in sessions and workshops educating them about the issues associated with Down Syndrome in today’s society. Around 400 children and their family are expected to attend.

The Rotaract Alexandria Down Syndrome Day will take place at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology's Abu Kir Campus. Everybody is invited to contribute. Hence, Rotaract Alexandria is looking for volunteers for the fun day for disabled children. To apply to help bring smiles to children’s faces, click here. To find out more, visit the Facebook page