Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Sharmoofers Hash it Out with Egypt's Most Viral Personalities in New Webiseries

Anest W Sharmaft marks Bob and Moe's jump from the stage to our little black mirrors.

Staff Writer

In collaboration with Carousel Media, Sharmoofers are going onscreen with the release of their latest project, Anest We Sharmaft, a talk show coming in the form of Facebook webisodes.

Band members, Bob and Moe are interviewing some of the country’s hottest celebrities and have already featured Dr. Alfons, Safi and Yaya from Romanseya Manseya, Amir Eid and Disco Misr. The duo gets personal with their featured guests through fun games and a series questions. 

In one of their lighter conversations with Dr.Alfons, Sharmoofers get personal with the doctor asking him for his thoughts on marriage, flirting and the pains of being dumped. Outspoken and fierce, Dr. Alfons bares all refusing to shy away from his hosts' profound inquiries on his love life. 

Dr.Alfons isn’t the only one privy to the thought provoking questions though, with the boys from Romanseya Manseya also giving us their insight on the perfect dates, first loves, failed relationships and the what ifs of it all. Quipping back that his first love was in grade 9, Safi tells the viewers of the note exchanging romance that ended before it ever started. 

Taking on a more serious tone with Disco Misr, each episode's tone and questions are tailored to the guests' personalities, dynamic and industries of choice. Anest w Sharmaft takes its viewers on an emotional roller coaster from the lighthearted Alfons to the questions that hit home for a lot of us with Disco's Misr and Amir Eid and his wife.

Promising more exciting features - the likes of Malak El Ezzawy, Okka and May Kassab, Amr Wahba, Begad man Marwan Younis and more - Sharmoofers are keeping the incentive behind the creation of the internet short series under wraps (for now).

Here’s a little teaser: