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Canada has Just Elected its First Egyptian MP

This newly-elected MP is happy to promote the voice of Egypt in Canada.

The first Egyptian MP has been elected in Canada, according to Egypt Today. Professor Sheref Sabawy, part of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, won the parliamentary elections for the Mississauga-Erin Mills province with 40% of the votes.

The Coptic professor, who has more than 30 years of experience in Computer Network and Consulting, is very proud to represent Egypt, stating that “he is very glad with this victory which promotes the name of Egypt’’. Although you wouldn’t expect it, it makes sense for the Egyptian to be a Member of Parliament in this area. Mississauga, the sixth most populous municipality in Canada, is populated by 35,000 Egyptians, and a total of 55,000 Arabs.

He is focused on promoting better health care, education, and jobs, as well as more affordable and lower taxes. Let’s hope he can make an impact in this highly Egyptian-populated municipality.

Main image from Support Sabawy