Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Green Beer is Just the Beginning at The Tap this St. Patrick's Day

Every green beer that you say no to, a cute little baby leprechaun dies.

Staff Writer

Long ago, back when Wifi was slang for a witch’s curse and the concept of living past 16 was more theory than fact, some dude called Patrick did a bunch of wickedly cool stuff with pagans, shamrocks and what we can only assume was a fountain of beer. Fast forward a handful of centuries and here we are, celebrating St Patrick’s Day the way god intended; getting drunk as fuck while listening to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

As it just so happens, all the Taps around Cairo (and in our hearts) are celebrating good old St. Paddy’s with a healthy dose of Irish charm; from 2 PM to 2 AM, you and your comrádaí (we also speak Gailic) can spend the day over at Tappy’s Irish pub for a day of shamrock green beers, a few drops of the pure and a smorgesbord of delectable appetizers (that’s a lot of chicken wings boyo), not to mention all the entertainment you’re used to from the Tap’s Game Nights; bring out your inner architect playing Jenga, your not-so-inner sophmore with Beer Pong and strut your hand-eye coordination with a couple righteous Foosball Tournaments. They're even giving folks free lessons on how to mumble like an actual Irishman with a simple challenge that you can find on their tent cards; try to say "whale, oil, beef, hooked" moderately fast and see what happens (hint: you won't be).

It wouldn’t be a proper day at the Tap without a lineup of some of the country’s freshest musical massives; head over to the Tap Maadi and catch Jack, Neil Edward and Gahallah serving you up a pot O’rhythmic gold, or maybe swing by Tap East for a day with the saintly strings of AWE, the green floyd renditions of Andromida and stylish beats of DJ Frogmoose, and if you find yourself trekking the desert, prop yourself over at the Tap West for a day of lean green entertainment with Shady Ahmed, Glass Onion and Hassan Abou Alam. You have no excuse to not pay your respects to Paddy.

Long live the Irish, long live the cheer, and long live our friendship year after year!