Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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This Egyptian is Cycling to Russia for the FIFA World Cup

This is one Egyptian that is going all out for his National Football team.

Staff Writer

24-year-old Egyptian, Mohammed Nofal has decided to cycle from Egypt to Russia - a 90-day undertaking - in honor of Egypt’s national football team qualifying for this year's FIFA World Cup, Al-Masry reported earlier today.

The Egyptian national team was qualified on the 8th of October 2017 for the World Cup which is set to take place in Russia on June 14th, 2018. 

Having pulled a similar stunt last year; cycling from Egypt all the way to Gabon in celebration of Egypt being qualified for the African cup, Nofal is taking on a 5000 KM journey which will start at the Giza Pyramids, on the 7th of April. The route chosen by the cyclist will go through Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and once in Eastern Europe he will go through Ukraine, then Romania, Moldova and finally arrive to Russia on June 7th, if everything goes according to plan.

Photo from Al-Arabeya

In preparation for the trip, Nofal will be studying the exact details of his itinerary, equipping himself with a first aid kit and finding out the safest routes with easy access to emergency medical services. The challenge he is most wary of, however, is the language barriers once in Eastern Europe. 

Nofal explains that Egypt's Ministries of Youth and Foreign affairs will be sponsoring his trip, according to Al-Arabeya. 

Nofal, a content creator who curates most of his material from his cycling trips, intends to raise the Egyptian flag in every country he passes. 

Main Photo courteousy of Nezar Kamal/Al-Masrawy