Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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13 Satisfying Sohour Foods To Last You Till Iftar

These foods will keep you full from sunrise to sunset – well, unless your appetite is anything like ours.

Staff Writer

Ramadan is in the summer this year, and we're already barely sweltering our way through the heat waves. When fasting in the summer heat, it becomes more important than ever to eat a healthy, filling suhoor. The key to feeling full is to eat food that's high in fibre, water, and minerals. Here, we'll help; these foods contain all the essentials that'll help you last until iftar. Try not to eat all of them in one shot, just for the sake of that kershBon appetit!

Eish Baladi

The best pita in the world is our classic eish baladi. It has a complex mix of grains that literally slows down digestion.

Leafy Greens

Lettuce is full of fibre and water; have it as an ordinary salad, or mix things up by and use it as a wrap.


Egyptians say that cucumbers will quench your thirst throughout the long day; they do contain a ridiculous amount of water.


Boiled eggs are high in the protein you need to stay fuelled all day.


This luscious white cheese is filling, high in calcium, and has a mild flavour that won't linger during the day. Enjoy it in salads, eish baladi, or with boiled eggs and cumin for an even more filling solution.


These beans are a complete meal. Seriously, ask anyone at our office; they're a daily tradition first thing in the morning. Ful is in fibre and protein (in case you didn't watch El Motazawegoon) and is probably best had with tomatoes, lemon juice, cumin, shatta, and the optional boiled egg if you're an intense eater.


Whole grains, like wheat berries, will keep you full well into the evening. Try it with some milk, honey, and dried fruit for extra deliciousness. 


Bananas area fast and healthy food you can add to your suhoor for potassium and fibre. Our favourite way to enjoy them is frozen and blended into an icy-creamy dessert. 


After a big helping of ful, yoghurt with give you some-much needed help with your digestion - plus, it's the best way to prevent bad breath after any suhoor. Add some fruit, nuts, and honey for extra sweetness.


We'll let you in on a secret...this one of the most fibrous fruits on the planet, and its sweet juices won't leave you thirsty.


Bateekh! Our favourite melon is the most water-rich fruit there is. It's high in fibre, which is good, and the sugar will give you some extra energy (and calories). Served with that white cheese we just mentioned, perhaps?

Dried Fruits

Unlike fresh fruit, these guys tend to be higher in fibre and keep you fuller longer, but be careful to not eat too many so as not to get a stomach ache. Some of our favourites are apricots, prunes, figs, raisins, and last, but certainly not least...


Saad El Soghayar sang about them; they must be damn good! We love our dates fresh or dried, alone or with milk – in any form, really. It's just a fringe benefit that these guys are fibrous and filling.