Friday December 8th, 2023
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7aret Brooklyn: Egypt's Newest 7ara

We know Photoshopping yourself in New York crossed your mind when you realised your travel savings never increase and your visa won't come through. It's okay – Brooklyn just came to you.

Staff Writer

Ahh, New York – the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the concrete jungle, and yet all those labels don't have shit on Cairo, especially after we just seduced Brooklyn into joining us on this side of the world. With a slogan that reads 'East to West Street Cuisine', 7aret Brooklyn moved eastwards to the neighbourhood of Heliopolis (with another branch in Sahel, of course). Egypt's newest food truck came to light on July 1st, and it is described as "a crossroad between Egyptian and American street food," – excuse us while we adjust our stomach rolls and rub our belly fat.

7aret Brooklyn started when two young Egyptian men who were staying in Brooklyn, New York craved a taste of home. "We tried everything but nothing quenched our hunger," they tell us. Oh, we hear that. It's not easy to have an appetite and a taste for good food. What did they do, you ask? They met an expert street food chef in Brooklyn – one of the best, they say – who they promised to give a taste of our Egyptian street food if he came to Egypt; upon landing here, the chef couldn't believe the magic that was taking place in every bit of his taste buds. "He was fascinated! Egyptian taste has inspired him so much so that he thought 'if there could be a place that mixes between Oriental and Western street food, with the help of Egyptian chefs, it would be a smash'," they said. And that's how 7aret Brooklyn came to be: Oriental and Western food in one cart, on one table – we're not sure if this guy is a secret politician, but he definitely visioned a way of ending the endless Western World vs. Middle East quarrel during mealtimes. We can't even fathom how juicy the burgers are, or how flavoursome the 7awawshi will turn out. What we can probably guess, though, is how awesome eating them will be in the streets of the ever-beautiful Korba, or in Sahel. "Our dine-in place had its soft opening in Korba in July 2016 to serve our guests and get their feedback about the food, the menu, the place, and everything else. After that, our La Vista, North Coast branch will follow towards the end of July 2016. Our roaming truck is now at Marassi, North Coast, and our grand opening is coming soon," they share of their plans, mapping out out their locations and dates.

So, we can already tell you will have no regrets, none at all, while strolling down the aforementioned areas, maybe window-shopping, maybe eyeing a gorgeous creature, but you can't walk in a store or talk to your potential crush because you're PDAing and practically making out with a succulent kebda sandwich – thank 7aret Brooklyn for giving you that confidence in devouring food in public. But, if you're too tired to walk and you just want to munch in peace, there is also a seating area. Did we mention they have desserts with – literally – unearthly names, i.e. 'Melty Mars'? Yes. That is happening there as we speak.

What we especially love is, while the 7ara bit makes it totally Egyptian, it still pays homage to the infamous and iconic food trucks seen all around Brooklyn, and more generally, New York. It brings foreign experiences about, but you don't have to go far from the concept of home at all. Basically, this food truck thing needs to be on every corner on every street because a) we're so used to food carts, b) we love food, c) we wish we were in New York, and d) all of the above.

Open during the most alimentally vulnerable hours of the day, from 2 PM to 2 AM, 7aret Brooklyn is pulling over on that corner of your heart that only your appetite can connect to.

Find out their exact locations, and all other information on their Facebook.