Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Anti Fat: Healthy Meals, Delivered to Your Doorstep

It seems Egyptians are on a health kick at the moment and helping you fulfill all your healthy eating dreams is Anti Fat and their specially created meal plans, which are now delivered right to your doorstep...

Staff Writer

It seems like everywhere you turn now there's a new salad place or vegetarian low fat restaurant; it's become daily practice for people now to have a salad for lunch as opposed to some fast food delivery place that is chock full of fat (although we'll be honest; we're always going to love our greasy burgers). The world and now Egypt is shying away from the usually unhealthy fast food option and turning to places like Anti Fat as their go-to choice for meals

So, if you're not willing to pay a 100 pounds for a salad, that's where Anti Fat comes in. The natural health food store, owned and operated by CEO and Nutritionist Mohamed Safwan, offers a daily menu (with a whole meal, not just some overpriced lettuce leaves) catered to your taste. Prices vary and the menu consists of three meals and four snacks a day. "A rigorous detailed application has to be filled out by any potential costumer," explains Marketing Manager Maha Magdy, "Health problems and allergies all determine the type of food you will be choosing. Your current weight and desired amount of weight loss is also greatly considered. All applicants then receive a menu, and you select or cross out the foods you like and dislike and voila!"


After being open for a while and having their clientele grow significantly, Anti Fat decided to launch a new door-to-door delivery option in order to serve a bigger number of people. "Anti Fat is expanding because let's face it, demand for healthy food is at an all time high, and restaurants are opening all over Cairo catering to that demand," Magdy explains, "We used to have costumers come in and get their daily meals, but if you didn't live in Maadi, having to deal with Cairo traffic would pose as a problem for all non-Maadi residents. Now you just need to fill out the form and then there's not much else you need to do after that - you just receive your food on a daily basis delivered to your door step."

Anti Fat boasts a guaranteed weight loss menu with definite results. Unlike other door to door food delivery places, Anti Fat delivers your food daily to ensure freshness and great taste. "The demand for healthy food, that guarantees weight loss, delivered to your door, at a fair price, is at an all time high." Yes it is. And Anti Fat checks all those boxes! 

You can check out their Facebook page here.