Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Aperitivo is Bringing a New Dining Experience to Zamalek

This new Baroque style restaurant is bound to become your favourite open-secret meeting place.

Staff Writer

Aperitivo is Bringing a New Dining Experience to Zamalek

Zamalek has received a new Baroque-style restaurant that is bound to become your new favourite spot. With a name like Aperitivo, you already have a taste of its convergence of Egyptian and European heritages, which becomes all the clearer when you see that it has taken the iconic 1946 Baehler Mansion as its home.

Speaking to yet another curious generation of pleasure seekers without losing its unique sense of time, the team behind this three-room experience are no strangers to the scene. In fact, they’re the founders of the successful Eat.Co, encompassing SASS, Rakkan and Beach House, the regional owners of a Lebanese franchise called Sip, and owners of an event management company called TKB, which stands for 'They Know Better'.

Aperitivo are equipped with a Dining Room that is adorned with the perfect atmosphere for a quiet meal or a romantic date, a Bar area that can accommodate a gathering of any size, and a beautiful private room that, when it inevitably captures your heart, can be booked for private events.


With signature dishes like their house specialty Duck Wrap, legendary Cappelletti Short-Ribs, infamous Salmon Caviar and smokey Josper Grills, followed by their heavenly Matcha Cheesecake, they are bound to take the fine dining scene by storm.

With the Baroque style as the brand’s main selling point, their extravagant interior design and mood reflect on that of architecture, music, dance, sculpture and other arts that flourished in Europe in the olden days.

And because it’s still a remarkable address - a home for those in the know - the feel of the place is both warm and welcoming, like an ‘open secret meeting place’.