Friday December 8th, 2023
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Bao & T: The Sahel Food Truck Bringing Asia to Sahel

They're called Bao & T for a reason. That reason is bao buns and boba tea.

Kurt Galalah

Every now and again, a restaurant attempts to push a new food ship 3alena, hoping that we’d encourage the unlikely couple. From horrible ones like kebda on koshary to slightly better ones like konafa bel manga, we here at SceneEats love a good ship-or-rip moment. One restaurant under the name of Bao & T is doing exactly that with bao buns and boba, and something tells us we’re totes going to ship that duo.

The boba tea from Bao & T

Located inside Stella Walk Mall, the Instagrammable food truck is bringing a tiny part of Asia to Sahel and we’re obsessed. The menu don’t play, hitting you hard with a slew of yaaas-inducing items like buttermilk chicken bao buns, sticky chicken pops, salted caramel boba and the list goes on (are you drooling yet?). 

‘’We source all of our ingredients from Thailand, China and Vietnam because we want our customers to have the real deal,’’ says owner Wageeh Shoukralla to #SceneEats. ‘’Our shrimp bao buns and matcha boba latte are customer favourites so you better try them out if you pop by this summer.’’

The bao buns from Bao & T

Bao & T plans on expanding to Cairo quite soon, so make sure to keep an eye on your fav new couple.