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Burger and Bagels: Combining God’s Best Creations

The dream of a place that serves both burgers and bagels has finally become a reality for Cairenes. Can we get a hallelujah?

We genuinely thought someone was taking the piss when they told us there is a place in Cairo selling both burgers AND bagels. Yes indeed, the dream has become a reality! Burger and Bagels, the American franchise is now in Cairo and it is bringing together mouth-watering burgers and delish bagels in one place. They are currently serving their yummy food at Sidewalk in Zamalek and El Sherouk City. We spoke to the owners, Hadi Hassan and Mark Ezzat, who brought Burger and Bagels over to Cairo from Qatar and told us that they will be opening another 10 new branches in the upcoming months so keep an eye out for one near you. “You get really big portions of food, which is not only delicious, but also very affordable,” says Mark. “Our whole menu is at 25 L.E. or less.” Phew, finally we don’t have to worry about wasting our whole salary on food like we do every month.
We know it feels like there’s a new burger place popping up every other day in Cairo, but what makes Burger and Bagels special is that not only is their menu super affordable, but also very extensive. It includes 24 items – 12 burgers and 12 bagels. Everything ranging from a simple cream cheese bagel for the picky eaters to a sushi burger for the risk takers can be found on there. Not only that, but everything is super fresh. The bread is freshly baked in store and all the vegetables and meats are 100% organic. Trust us, once you try one, you’ll become hooked and you will definitely be going back to check off all 24 items.

The types of both bagels and burgers on offer are also quite creative. You obviously have the classics like cheeseburgers, but you can also get some ingenious tummy-filling ones like tuna and falafel bagels (why have we never thought of that? Genius!). And you’d think that the quality of either the burgers or the bagels is compromised, but that’s definitely not the case. Both are equally as good. It’s safe to say that there is no cup half full when it comes to Burger and Bagels – it is a cupful indeed and it’s one filled with deliciousness. 

Check them out on Facebook here, or follow them on their Instagram here.