Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Cairo's 4 Best Restaurants for Shrimp Tagine

Tagen gambary, anyone?

Scene Eats

Tagines are one of life's many simple joys. Mostly because there's no shortage of them and popping by any joint that serves them is easy AF. We here at SceneEats are not talking about any kind of tagine tho, we're talking about the one and only shrimp tagine. Ahh, yes. The seafood tagine that trumps any other kind tbh. This article will list down all the best places in the capital to get your tagen gambary game on.

Afandina El Bahr // New Cairo

He's called Afandina for a reason because his stuff hits the spot. In every way there is.

Address: Mall TFP, New Cairo

Phone: 19426

Abou El Araby // New Cairo

The popular seafood spot obvs had to be included on this list for their yaaas-inducing shrimp tagine. Get their red sauce one and make sure they go heavy with the vegetables. You'll know why when you try it.

Address: Silver Star Mall, New Cairo

Phone: +2 0121 094 8888

Ebn Hamedo // Sayeda Zeinab

You will most probably want to get Hamedo to adopt you instead of his son for obvs reasons.

Address: 200 Port Said Street, Sayeda Zeinab

Phone: +2 0100 761 1120

Al Horany // Giza

 It doesn't matter if you're into red sauce or white sauce, their shrimp tagine excels in both.

Address: 158 Al Bahr El Aa'zam Street, Giza , Cairo

Phone: +2 0121 113 0303