Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Chunky, Gooey Chocolate-Chip Cookies Are What This New Egyptian Bakery is All About

They’re chunky, they’re tasty, and they can be delivered straight to your door.

Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a red cookie? No, we hadn’t either, until our eyes were graced by brand new company Chipp Me’s red velvet cookie. Cairo’s new delivery-based cookie shop combines all-time favourite flavours to produce amazingly decadent, chewy products, the likes of which Cairo has not yet seen.

Mae Sakr is the culinary genius behind the company, which is just four days old. "Everything is about the texture," she tells us, "and there is chocolate in every bite." This is a rare sight in the Cairo cookie world where the cookies tend to be crunchy, flimsy, and not-all-that-inspiring. She assures us that these, by contrast, are REAL cookies - there's a certain gooey mushiness you just need in a cookie. In addition to the red velvet masterpiece that so attracted us, Chipp Me currently has four flavours: smores, double chocolate chip, classic chocolate chip, and – brace yourselves - peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip. Sourcing only the finest quality ingredients, Sakr has plans to create some particularly festive additions to her line up as Christmas approaches - expect caramel and cinnamon. 

Main image by Eman Naguib.

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