Friday February 23rd, 2024
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House of Cocoa: The Taste of Gourmet Chocolate

We finally found it; the ultimate place that lives up to the most critical of chocolate connoisseurs' expectations! Can we hear a hallelujah?

Staff Writer

We all get midnight chocolate cravings, mid-day cravings, and well, just general all-the-time cravings. The problem is, when it comes to chocolate  it's rare to find one that will live up to our sophisticated expectations. However, House of Cocoa managed to break this stereotype and make all our fantasies come true with their unbelievably dreamy gourmet chocolate goodies.

Located in Downtown Katameya, this is by far, the number one spot in the city for selling chocolates imported from every corner of the world to perfectly please your palate regardless of your preferences. From crunchy strawberry embedded white chocolate to their signature Molten Cake chocolate, our new favourite, House of Cocoa has us desperate to move in to their shop. 

From UK's natural chocolate with no added sugar, and bio chocolate to red velvet cakes and cups of hot Belgian chocolate, this insane shop has it all and one can't simply get enough.  

Even those who dig nuts and other famous Egyptian snacks, can finally get their very own Cocoa dusted almonds at the magical place that truly seems to be out of this world. If you dream of healthy chocolate, they sell dark chocolate to accompany you through the difficult times of trying so hard to stay resistant to sugary yummies.

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