Friday December 1st, 2023
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Howlin’ Birds: Maadi’s Newest Fried Chicken Joint

Maadi’s brand-new fried chicken joint ‘Howlin’ Birds’ is realising our fried chicken-bucket-in-bed dreams.

Farah Desouky

Some days just need a messy, comforting and calorie-explosive meal in order for the chaos to come to a staggering halt. It’s just a rule. They beckon hearty takeaways, refined sugar and - potentially to our metabolism’s detriment - a gloriously crunchy bucket of fried chicken. As fast food chains become an obsolete notion, independent home-grown comfort food joints leap into the limelight, bringing with them independent hotspots such as Howlin’ Birds; the fried chicken spot joining Maadi diverse cuisine options and satiating our emotional eating plans. 

The newly-opened eatery is realising our fried chicken-bucket-in-bed dreams with a diverse menu spinning the staple dish with many flavours accommodating every taste. For starters, their Boojy Style Sando - consisting of their specialty fried chicken, crunchy coleslaw, pickles, and Chick-Fil-A adjacent sauce enveloped in crispy toast - is the culinary embodiment of a warm hug. Other orders harbour the similar fillings (and feelings) with extra doses of cheese and the option of pillowy potato buns. 

Balancing between tender chicken and its crispy coating is key, and ‘Howlin Birds’ mastered the seemingly complex ratio. For those of us pro messy meal consumption, Howlin’ Birds serve fried chicken pieces - whether whole, half, quarter or tenders - dipped in spicy Nashville sauce. And because hovering over freshly fried food is a bonding experience, their ‘Howlin Birds’ meals are ideal for sharing, with four options available, all of which combine their menu’s staples. 

The restaurant delivers to Maadi via their own website and boasts a dine-in option with gorgeous picnic-like outdoor seating amidst Maadi’s signature green spaces.