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Karabigy's Kitchen: Goodies Without The Guilt

Karabigy's Kitchen makes goodies that taste like homemade decadence but won't clog your arteries...

People have found a way to chocolate-dip or deep-fry basically everything. Seriously. Deep-fried pickles? Chocolate covered crickets? It's been done. We obsess over the sensationally sweet and way-too-unhealthy. But, deep down, we know we need to clean up our acts and start that diet we were supposed to start nine Mondays ago.
What if we told you that there's a way to have your cake and not feel guilty about it too?
Sarah El Karabigy - of Karabigy's Kitchen - is a self-proclaimed recovering chocolate addict. She can "invent a chocolate dessert in less than one minute." Our talent is eating a chocolate dessert in less than a minute. Even when she decided to change her lifestyle two years ago and started doing Crossfit, her cooking creations just kept coming. But, of course, no one can join Crossfit without turning their entire lives upside down. So El Karabigy decided to face her fears, quit her day job as a graphic designer, find her happy place (in her kitchen, clearly), start Karabigy's Kitchen, and put herself out there so everyone can taste her culinary creations. Facing fears and starting businesses? Wow, Crossfit really does a number on you, huh?
One quick scroll through Karabigy's Kitchen's Instagram feed and we were already drooling. Cookies, cakes, tartes, brownies, souflés, and chocolate. So much chocolate. What's different about Karabigy's Kitchen is that Sarah uses "the best high quality ingredients" and buys "the best and healthiest version of each and every ingredient" regardless of its cost. "It's really rare to find homemade and high quality desserts; they all smell as if there's samna all over everything you eat!" she tells us. Choosing to defy this norm and make quality desserts that taste good and won't clog your arteries, Sarah El Karabigy prides herself in tickling the tastebuds of dessert-lovers without having to send them to the gym for a week.
When asked about her favourite creations, Sarah couldn't pick just one. Double chocolate chip cookies, Twix tarts, blondies, Nutella and KitKat cookie cakes, you name it! She got a little too excited. But, when it comes to healthy alternatives, Sarah can't get enough of her chocolate protein ice cream. Yes, you read that right, healthy and protein and ice cream, all in one sentence. This creation is her claim-to-fame as it's "the first healthy protein ice cream in Egypt."
Our kershes thank you, Karabigy's Kitchen!
Karabigy's Kitchen can be found on Facebook and Instagram