Saturday May 25th, 2024
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KarrotBites: For The Dessert-Loving Rabbit In Us All

Some people will never understand the heavenly fusion that is carrot cake. May the Lord change your heart and open your eyes (and mouths) to KarrotBites – maybe then you’ll understand.

Staff Writer

KarrotBites: For The Dessert-Loving Rabbit In Us All

All of humanity is constantly trying to find ways to make excuses for eating dessert – how many people have tried to take healthy spins on otherwise diabetes-inducing sweets? It’s either we make semi-gross ‘desserts’ with healthy replacement ingredients that run the risk of tasting like feet, or we sit there indulging in cakes and cookies, wallowing in guilt for indulging in cakes and cookies, then eating our guilty feelings away with cakes and cookies. We really can’t be the only ones who do that; yeah, we don’t have the healthiest relationship with food, but it really can’t just be us.How amazing does this cake look? Let’s see if we can identify everything: M&Ms, pecans, walnuts, and what we’ve discovered is Philadelphia cream cheese frosting. It’s not a typical cake, though. Here’s the thing: it’s a carrot cake. It’s that one little dessert masquerading as a cake when, really, it’s infused with Bugs Bunny’s all-time favourite healthy snack: carrots.Curious about this delicious specimen we went over to KarrotBites’ Facebook page to see – eh, what’s up, Doc? These guys are the first to specialise in carrot cakes, because while everyone else is busy being bakers or cupcake makers or replace-the-ingredients-with-tofu innovators, KarrotBites just tapped into the veggie-dessert world. With variations on carrot cakes that include mini cakes, double-decker cakes, jar mixes, frozen cookie dough, and cakes with every type of topping and frosting you could fathom, these guys are tapping into that carrot market with class. Our personal favourite would be that one up there with the M&Ms and pecans, but the Kannela, with cinnamon frosting, is a close second.
Cutely packaged à la Pinterest boards we only ever dream of bringing to life, KarrotBites’ products are pretty creative and very giftable. Why walk into a gathering – or, worse, host a gathering – with your typical La Poire half-fruit-half-chocolate cake that’s a staple at 3eid milad ibn bint khaltek? Grab a cute package that’ll likely cost a little less but look a lot more genuine and creative. There’s an art to the dessert business, you guys. Not everyone who says they’re making healthy desserts is actually doing so – nor do they actually taste like desserts, sometimes. We love that KarrotBites is tapping into this market and getting creative with their carrot cakes. Plus, carrots don’t taste like feet.

Check out KarrotBites on Facebook here or follow them on @karrotbites.