Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Kempinski Nile Hotel: Ramadan for Every Taste

With loads of options and menus that change daily, the iconic Kempinski Nile Hotel has upped the Ramadan dining game in Cairo. Here's what's on offer...

Staff Writer

The Kempinski Nile Hotel has been redefining luxury for some time now, complimenting the great river with great food and even better hospitality. The property has become a staple for festivities, whether it's New Years Eve or, the holy month of Ramadan. This year is no exception as the five-star hotel ups the game, making sure this Ramadan is about the things that matter the most: a feast of fabulous food, and unforgettable nights. The hotel features five venues which all have their own little twist to make sure you never get that extremely dissatisfying feeling of repetition.

The Kempinski’s hypnotising Chocolate Lounge is known for leaving you in a pleasant cocoa-induced coma. This Ramadan they will be offering you and your taste buds a chance to dive headfirst into a plethora of beautifully crafted oriental sweets. We all know how popular kunafa is at this time and if that’s your thing well then come hungry and enjoy all of the kunafa creations they have as well as all of your classic favourites. Yes we’re sure your mouths are watering by now so reserve your spot you’ll thank us later. You can also take a sumptuous selection home or to your next 3ozoma, all perfectly packaged.

Breaking your fast during Iftar is a great feeling but it's not easy to decide on one meal for you and your family. Why not go to a place that quite simply has something for everyone? The Blue restaurant is the hotel's pride and joy and has a different menu every night of the week, so their buffet quite literally suits every taste. You’ll find yourself getting lost in a delicious plate of shrimps dressed with the right amount of saffron cream sauce one night and a Moroccan seafood tajine the other. 

The Nile River is known for its unparalleled beauty under the moonlight and no one knows that better than the Kempinski. You’ll find yourself getting lost in a gaze and probably take out your phone to capture the perfect Instagram picture and we understand completely. Luckily for us, the Kempinski is conveniently overlooking the river and that is what makes their much-loved Roof restaurant the prime place to enjoy a delicious Sohour. They are going to be offering you all the classics but don’t expect it to be boring. Remember that the chefs are top notch and brought in from all over the globe to make sure your taste buds get the attention they deserve and need. Even if you’re not hungry, the Kempinski undoubtedly has the most shisha flavours out of any other place in Cairo which means you’ll be able to enjoy the cool night breeze with a delicious, smooth smoke of your liking which definitely sounds like a win-win situation to us.

If you’ve had Turkish cuisine before we feel like you can agree that it tastes really, REALLY good. Osmanly Restaurant gives you the chance to dine on some amazing, authentic Turkish cuisine without ever having to leave Egypt! The world-famous restaurant brings the Ottoman era back to life in modern, sophisticated settings, with a new menu every day of the week. And if anyone tells you that Turkish food is basically Egyptian food, let Osmanly teach you otherwise.  

In short you’ll definitely see us all over the Kempinski this Ramadan, graciously stuffing our faces. If you catch us there, don’t judge us - join us!

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