Friday September 29th, 2023
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L'Asiatique Brings A Delicious Taste of Asia To Le Pacha West

Serving a variety of food from the worlds biggest continent, L'Asiatique might just end arguments and bring about world peace while saving you the airfare to Asia.

Staff Writer
Choices are hard; food choices are harder. Going out with a group of friends or a significant other and having to make compromises on what type of Asian cuisine you’re going to shove into your mouth can lead to resentment. That’s not healthy. We all know the best kind of Asian food is definitely sushi. There are so many different varieties and, even if you don’t really like fish all that much, there are options for you to eat a dozen little works of art. Actually, wait; no! The best food from the East is noodles; pad thai, ramen, pho, lo mein - they’re all so delicious that you could be forgiven for slurping them up like a wild animal. Hang on; actually, the best is definitely stir fried rice - but, no wait, Indian food is so good too! If only there was a place that served all the different types of mouthwatering foodstuffs of Asia so everyone could just order what they wanted. Oh, found it. 
Among the Restaurant Magazine of London’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants - and rated as the top restaurant in Egypt and the third best restaurant in Africa (yea the whole continent) - L’Asiatique serves Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian food under the same roof. Old school Asian décor and Japanese-style seating is coming to Le Pacha 1901 West in Sheikh Zayed. Reconcile old wounds that were inflicted the last time you argued with someone about sushi vs Indian and make everyone happy.
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