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Lobsters Meet Roosters In A New Gouna Eatery

Lobsters and roosters come together under one roof in this new Gouna restaurant that has us beyond intrigued...

Lobster and rooster are a very interesting combination, but we're all about the weirdly good food. So, if you're one of those lobster and rooster lovers out there - put your hands up, please - we've got wicked news for you. Yeah, we know, it’s hard to find a decent seafood restaurant, let alone a lobster one. Since lobster season just hit Egypt, we’re happy to introduce Lobster Rooster, a new eatery freshly washed ashore in Gouna.

True to their name, Lobster Rooster serves two main dishes: lobster roll, and mango drizzled rooster. That's it. But, that's when you know the food's going to be great. We could go on about how they'll both be rich in taste and fresh seasoning, and how both the lobster and the rooster are sure to make your mouth water, but we'll let the succulent descriptions from Lobster Rooster speak for themselves. The lobster roll "consists of chunks of tender, sweet, cooked lobster meat barely napped in a thin coating of our secret sauce." God damn. Now, the rooster? "Our mango drizzled rooster [is] served in our carefully crafted buttery rolls." That's it. We're in. We're coming for you, Gouna! 

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram