Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Maadi’s Newest Restaurant Promises to be Cairo’s Chillest Hangout Spot

We're sure this chic and sociable Maadi venue is going to turn heads with a promise of being a place where you can actually have a conversation with your meal.

Staff Writer

Maadi’s Newest Restaurant Promises to be Cairo’s Chillest Hangout Spot

Cairo is being flooded with trendy bars and restaurants these days, many of which are top-notch. But in how many of these can you actually hold a sustained conversation past nine o’clock over the thumping party beats and over-excited dancers?

Maadi’s newest restaurant, Frank & Co, is providing a fresh, upbeat venue for quality food and drink; it is a sociable place, but one in which we can actually hear ourselves think in the evenings. Judging by the sleek and sophisticated décor, it’s clear that Frank Heinen, the restaurant’s owner and designer, has paid enormous attention to the restaurant’s ambiance. Natural light showers the white, blue, and brown colour scheme, and a floor-to-ceiling outdoor mural adds energy to the minimalist décor. “I wanted to create something clean, fresh, and bright,” he tells us. “People don’t want to sit in dark places anymore!”

With 14 years working for the Four Seasons, Frank knows how to do food – and how to do it well. “These days there are too many flavours,” he tells us, “so I wanted to keep things simple and basic – no confusion.” Frank & Co opens at 10 AM for breakfast and lunch, and stays open through dinner until 1 AM, with a well-balanced menu designed for sharing. “During the day, the restaurant has a charming atmosphere,” Frank relates. “People can sit in the garden for a juice or some of our beautiful coffee and just enjoy the day.” Yet, in the evenings, Frank & Co has a very different atmosphere. “It is a venue for chatting and sharing good food. The music is more upbeat, but we don’t have DJs or bands – this is not a club! It’s somewhere you can come two or three times a week.”Be sure to check out Frank & Co's Instagram and Facebook pages.