Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Make The Holidays Just A Little Sweeter With Nola Cupcakes

Nola cupcakes brings holiday cheer with its Christmas collection and an original fashion piece.

Staff Writer

Make The Holidays Just A Little Sweeter With Nola Cupcakes
'Tis the season to eat Nola Cupcakes! Well, it's always a good time for some Nola cupcakes, but the cupcake creatives are serving up something special for the Christmas season.
Aim to please in a fashionable way this Christmas season with a Nola Mannequin. A perfect treat for a sensational Christmas party, their holiday mannequin comes decked out in exclusive Nola Christmas cupcake designs, including macaroons, cake pops, brownie pops, and jars of candy. It's all very ironic really, considering that once you devour everything on the mannequin with more gusto than Kanye West stealing microphones from people onstage, you can kiss goodbye any ridiculous notions of maintaining a slim figure over the holidays. The Nola Mannequin is sure to delight your guests with 50 cupcakes of your choice, festively decorated in red in green. 
Save time at the most stressful season of the year and let Nola guarantee that your Christmas celebration is one to remember. 
Of course, the holidays are a great excuse to overindulge in delicious baked goods. So, y'know, do it. It is the only time of year where you have a total free pass to pig out and you can just mentally not feel any guilt about it because DUH it's the holidays.

Nola’s holiday cupcakes and treats will be available from any of the NOLA branches (CFC Mall, Maadi, Zamalek, Korba, 6th of October, Rehab, Mohandeseen, and Alexandria) and the Nola Mannequin is available with 48 hours advance notice from Nola’s Catering Service.
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