Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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More Mori Sushi in Sahel

Is there anything more invigorating than sushi by the sea? Mori opens FOUR branches on the North Coast this summer...

Staff Writer

Sahel is awesome. Too true. At times it gets overwhelming and after all that beaching you need even more comfort and relaxation. The scorching sun has gotten you thirst and more importantly hungry...really must eat...and you must eat now. Your friends are unable to decide as to where to eat. You are alone and hungry borderline hangry. If you eat something too heavy you will be unable to complete a night of Sahel fun. Hence we love Mori Sushi because it’s turned from a mere restaurant to a loyal friend - this summer they're in not one, not two, NOT EVEN THREE but FOUR locations on the North Coast.

When you’re yearning sushi that you find that Mori has simply got your back. They’ve got you in Sahel as you walk in after basking in the sun and burning in the heat and humidity only to be enveloped by the cool ambience of fresh, untainted seafood.

Before you hit the crazy nightlife of Sahel you have a chance to spend some quality time with friends and family over a rich sushi selection. From fresh California Rolls in thick Teriyaki sauce and artistic interpretations from Crispy to Spider Rolls, it really is the perfect seaside meal. Another life saver is that the pioneer restaurant will be launching in all the best Sahel hotspots: Marassi (Delivery: 01273018900), Diplo (Delivery: 01227336116), The Platform ( Delivery: 01226500991) and Hacienda Bay.

Find out more about Mori Sushi here.